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5 seats

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Vehicle details

From the moment the door closes behind you, the S-Class feels like a home away from home. The steering wheel, beautifully draped in Nappa leather, has standard shift paddles giving you superior control right at your fingertips. Luxurious interior finishes such as fine-quality leather upholstery and select fine wood trims immediately demonstrate an attention to detail that allows the S-Class to meet even the highest of expectations. The experience is further heightened with a variety of technical refinements that make S-Class comfort almost indistinguishable from that of your living room. The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system allows occupants to set their own individual temperature and airflow preferences, while sensors continuously monitor the interior temperature and humidity level. Even more intuitive and impressive, with a few quick verbal instructions to the COMAND APS control and display system, the S-Class’ interior functions adapt instantly to your every need – further proof that the S-Class contains the type of luxuries simply not found in typical automobiles. Call us to rent the Mercedes S550!


  • Per day 800.00 $
  • Weekend 2,200.00 $
  • Per week 4,000.00 $
  • Per month 8,500.00 $
  • Security deposit 7,000.00 $

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