Race Fever is in Town with the #uberSLINGSHOT

Location VIP is proud to be partner with UBER!

Rev up for race weekend and experience the streets of Montreal like never before! This Wednesday, June 3rd at 11am, open your Uber app to request a free lap of #uberSLINGSHOT around Montreal. A dreamy Polaris Slingshot will arrive curbside within minutes for a trip that will transform the streets of downtown Montreal into your own personal speedway!



  • 1. Open your Uber app this Wednesday between 11am and 1pm
  • 2. Select the “uberSLINGSHOT” option at the bottom of your screen
  • 3. Request a FREE ride experience on the streets of downtown Montreal

NEW TO UBER? Download Uber and get $20 off your first ride


$20 off your first ride. New user only.  

Keep in mind: There’s only one uberSLINGSHOT and room for one passenger in this street-legal 2-seater, so a successful request will be difficult and may take many tries. But don’t give up!